Logo design for online shop Little Fine Feather

It was a great pleasure for me to design the logo for Little Fine Feather:  https://shop.littlefinefeather.com Little Fine Feather is a new trendy online shop for fair trade children’s wear. Every item is carefully selected based on it’s unique and hip designs. And perhaps most importantly, they are produced under fair conditions, made of organic cotton, or contain no toxic chemicals. How lovely to see great designs combined with a care for environment.  

Retrospect 2016

When I started sharing my work at Instagram in 2014 I had no plan or goal. I just wanted to share my work and connect with like minded people. Painting became a daily rhythm, even if it was only for 10 minutes. I love seeing beauty in imperfection, I believe this is a common theme in my thoughts and I think imperfection is part of my signature. Everyday life is giving me plenty of inspiration. I feel like being in…
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Favorite art supplies

I’m asked a lot about my art supplies. In general this would be watercolors. Some brands I use are Winsor & Newton, Sennelier and Schmincke Horadam, either pans or tubes, but I prefer tubes. These brands are light-fast and highly pigmented. Then, in addition to the watercolors, I use Ecoline which is fluid watercolor (not waterproof) in bright colors. The paint is pretty thin and not light-fast, but perfect for illustrations that are done for reproduction and don’t need to…
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What I’ve been working on

The past months I’ve been working hard to contribute work for Zoejo Design Zoejo is a young Design Studio, dynamic and full of energy. I love their vision and I’m very proud to contribute to their portfolio, see below for glimpses of work. If you will, take a look at their website to learn more about them.   I thought it was about time to do another introduction for new readers and followers on Instagram. I’m trained as a color…
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When I had my first drawing and painting lessons, all I did was still lifes. My teacher back then, who now is a respected know artist here collected everything you can imagine and he put all kinds of collections in his studio. It looked like a bizarre museum. In his studio you could marvel at anything from a showcase filled with paraphernalia, animal bones, old antique dolls, tools, old hats or shoes or also a dried frog he found in…
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Painting flowers

This is the result of the video, I painted quick and intuitive. I started to paint the petals only with water so the paper was already wet. Then I added paint in different colors. You have to be careful which colors you put next to each other because complementary colors will end up muddy. If you don’t want that, avoid the following colors to blend into each other: red-green blue-orange yellow-purple The whole painting was painted in a few minutes,…
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A little demonstration video

I have been asked a lot for a demonstration video. It’s a short one but I have to start somewhere, so more to follow in the future. I use a lot of water and a big brush but not every paper is happy with that. I recently discovered Bamboo paper from Hahnemühle which seems perfect to me. Also the Canson Montval 300 gms is a good alternative.