My pinkie swear, my cup of tea

Part of the #COTFAhastagchallenge was #creativepinkyswear for #carveouttimeforart This post is more a confession, in the first place to myself. When it comes to creativity, there are many roads and paths to travel, and there always is a choice. I easily lose track because of these choices. For years I’ve tried to find a specific style which can be defined. A struggle sometimes, as I love painting and drawing so many different things with different mediums. Portraits, botanicals, animals and…
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My workspace

Where do I create? I don’t need a special place to create, it can be a corner of the living room. But I’m lucky to have a room which I use as my studio. You might have expected a more colorful room but I love the basics in neutral tones. I work in silence, I rarely listen to music while painting as it is too distracting, so just me and my thoughts. My desk is mostly chaos, filled with paraphernalia…
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My messy desk

My desk is always messy, I can clean it, but that would only be for one day. I’ve paint and stacks of paper everywhere and it happens that I paint on my lap because there’s no space left. I posted this on my Instagram account while doing the #COTFAchallenge for #carveouttimeforart This was how I find time to create and carve out time for art. My messy desk comes from a chaotic mind. I’m a morning person, that’s to say,…
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I had a wonderful week in Sardinia, I love being near the  sea. Watching the tide is calming and soothing. I’m inspired by the different species of plants we don’t have in the Netherlands and I tried to press some leave in my sketchbook to take home. The same with shells and stones, although I give them always back to nature as soon as I sketched them. Bewaren Bewaren

Logo design for online shop Little Fine Feather

It was a great pleasure for me to design the logo for Little Fine Feather: Little Fine Feather is a new trendy online shop for fair trade children’s wear. Every item is carefully selected based on it’s unique and hip designs. And perhaps most importantly, they are produced under fair conditions, made of organic cotton, or contain no toxic chemicals. How lovely to see great designs combined with a care for environment.  

Retrospect 2016

When I started sharing my work at Instagram in 2014 I had no plan or goal. I just wanted to share my work and connect with like minded people. Painting became a daily rhythm, even if it was only for 10 minutes. I love seeing beauty in imperfection, I believe this is a common theme in my thoughts and I think imperfection is part of my signature. Everyday life is giving me plenty of inspiration. I feel like being in…
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Favorite art supplies

I’m asked a lot about my art supplies. In general this would be watercolors. Some brands I use are Winsor & Newton, Sennelier and Schmincke Horadam, either pans or tubes, but I prefer tubes. These brands are light-fast and highly pigmented. Then, in addition to the watercolors, I use Ecoline which is fluid watercolor (not waterproof) in bright colors. The paint is pretty thin and not light-fast, but perfect for illustrations that are done for reproduction and don’t need to…
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