Bloom, a new project

A lot has happened since my last post, I’ve been quiet on my blog here but I’ve been busy behind the scenes. One cold day in January, while musing and staring out of the window where the birds were flying on an off the bird feeder, the (idealistic) idea was born to send  some more love into the world. We and the world need love! My idea was to do this in the form of flowers seeds. It’s not only…
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More Hydrangeas

As in my last post, I told you about my love for Hydrangeas. Well, I didn’t say too much when talking about their change of color, they kept changing into the most amazing colors I never have seen before with Hydrangeas….. Or it’s just that their mine and I’m  so obsessed with them….. But the prove of all the color is there as you see.

Lovely Hydrangeas

I can’t get enough of Hydrangeas, seen for the first time while being on holidays in Brittany when I was a little girl. Those big bushes of color in all shades of blue and pink make me wonder and marvel. When I tried to grow my own I preferred the blue ones, being a lover of blue for whole my life. But I didn’t succeed, they all turned pink in the end. Of course I appreciated their attempt and beauty…
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